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So, back in the days when there was no internet and the world was in black and white, customers used to have real conversation with sellers and get instant answers to their questions.

But things have changed now, now businesses are online and websites don’t speak.

wouldn’t it be great if visitors can CHAT or CALL or EMAIL you directly from your website?

Introducing ClickDesk.

ClickDesk is a live chat service which allows your visitors to chat or call you directly from your website or access numbers in more than 40 countries. You receive chat and calls on your gtalk or Skype or phone from anywhere.

Just add a code to your website and enter your gtalk or Skype id in ClickDesk dashboard and you are ready to go. No Installations or applications to download.

Not only this, ClickDesk now comes up with a Free Support Ticketing Software. Track and respond to all your emails quickly and efficiently.

If your company is social, ClickDesk has a seamlessly integrated social bar which allows your visitors to tweet about you or like your Facebook page right within the chat window.

Add ClickDesk. Convert your visitors to happy customers. Deliver Good support. All in one.

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