8 Rules for Explainer Video Production

  • last updated: June 12, 2016
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Explainer videos are in great demand in the business world. These simply are the videos that are made by an operator and are usually animated, and are used for marketing of any products or services of a company. Explainer videos serve to be very economic and effective for the purpose of marketing and is always the best chosen option for the same.

Hiring a professional explainer video maker always helps the marketing aspect of a company but this should also be done after careful examination of what kinds of videos have been previously made by the video maker and if the videos actually are good and efficiently serving the purpose of marketing. Bad explainer videos do not catch enough attention of the customers resulting in reduced publicity and reduced revenues and these videos become bad because of certain crucial mistakes which should always be kept in mind while creating an explainer video. Therefore, to avoid such problems, here are 9 rules that should be kept in mind while creating an explainer video:

  1. Script: The most important aspect in an explainer video is the script of the video. Script should be written by a person who understand the elements of storytelling and has the ability to visualize a story flow. This is best done by professional.
  2. Voice Over: The voice cover of the video is important. A fluent voice with appropriate intonations is always preferred as it creates a great impact on the viewers and can greatly help in the marketing process.
  3. Research: Always complete research should be done regarding the service to be marketed. This is because this research will help incorporate useful things in the video. Also, if a similar service exists in the market, finding complete information about it helps find its flaws and display why the respective service is better than the existing one.
  4. Audience: The research done should always be used to make the explainer video better to serve the right audience. It isn’t necessary to please everyone because it often arises the situation of “neither here, nor there”. So prioritizing the right audience is important.
  5. Duration: Time limit of the explainer video is not something to be caught up with. Although it is rightly said that shorter is always better, if the video is not able to incorporate all useful information, duration of the video is bound to increase and an appropriate video can be created.
  6. Placement: Correct placing of the video is important. Common mistake done by the companies is that they place the video on the ‘About Us’ page rather than their home page. The video should just catch the eye of the viewer as soon as the website is opened and hence it is advised to place the video on the home page.
  7. Planning: Proper planning of the video. Aspects like placing of the video, content of the video, budget of the video, right viewers of the video and so on, should be considered and given enough thinking before releasing the video.
  8. Testing: Effective testing of the video. The video should be tested properly i.e. audio separately and video separately before it is released. If it sounds and looks efficient, only then it should be considered to be released.

Therefore, as ridiculous as they seem, these rules should definitely be given enough consideration when an explainer video is being made because any kind of deficiency in a video can pose major effect on the marketing of the service of the company.

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