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  • last updated: July 26, 2016
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Since few years, Animated video production is becoming popular part of online marketing strategies. It has to be because animated videos are powerful . They tell your stories and engage your audience. People just love it.

Animated videos are best way to promote your ideas, services, products or causes. If someone is reading simple text on your website than there is much more room for misunderstanding but with videos you can show exactly what you mean. People learn more by watching videos than reading text.

Animated videos are easy to share, If someone likes your video they might post it to their Facebook account, twitter, blogs or other social media options. Let’s be honest, if you really like a new product and you post its web url on your Facebook profile than your friends might just ignore it. How often do you click on web urls posted on Facebook by your friends? Videos have more possibilities and animated videos have even more possibilities because they are liked by a more broader audience.

Animated video production can be better than live-action videos. Live-action videos requires crew, actors, director, location setups, lighting and many other nitty gritty things. It is expensive and in many cases simply can’t deliver the required message. On the other side, Animated video production is low cost and more flexible.

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